Dry Creek Railroad

These pictures show the progress on my 'G' gauge railroad I am installing in the southeast portion of my backyard.

July 2009

The railroad will go on the berm next to the grass

Leveling the road bed around the pine tree.  The deep cut will be a tunnel

Around the tree

More around the tree.  Irrigation tubing gets buried under road bed.

Around the back of the tree and through the future tunnel

August 2009

Trex decking is used as the base for the track.  It has been cut and screwed together in a ladder format so it can be shaped for the curves.  Track is just sitting on the base for now.  It won't be permanently installed for a while.

Rocks are used as retaining walls for the dirt

Around through the future tunnel

Digging out 'Dry Gulch'.  A 15 foot trestle will connect the track sections over the gulch.










Trex road base continues straight along berm




Building rock retaining walls.  Sloped area will be planted with ground covers.

Next section of trex road bed being installed and leveled.

Track will turn north along the east berm and go around the spruce tree on the left.

Dry Gulch finally dug out

Trestle now installed across the gulch

Trestle spans 15 feet

Track base turning north along berm

September 2009

Track going around tree on east berm

Track continues around tree.  Retaining wall rocks being installed.

Track around tree.  Track base needs to be prepared and installed where track has been temporarily laid out.

The tunnel has been built up with concrete block and rock.

Dirt will cover the tunnel top once the tracks have been secured to the base.

October 2009

'Ballast' being installed within and outside of track.   A mixture of small rock and cement.  I will have to wait until spring to finish as it is getting too cold now.

The completed tunnel and ballast.

The Pacific 4-6-2 with tender on the trestle.  I won't get any rolling stock until the spring.

Coming out of the tunnel

The east side loop around the tree.

December 2009

We cleared off the snow long enough to run the train for the grandchildren at Christmas.

There was about a foot of snow that need to be removed from the tracks.

January 2010

Starting construction of a train station.  It will be a replica of the Downey, CA train station that was torn down in the 60s.

Adding the platform supports to the warehouse and office.

The completed plywood structure

Now with door and window frames, decorative mouldings, and painted with primer.

Finished with paint.  Just needs windows installed

This was the picture used to make the model.

The next building is a chapel.

The completed plywood structure.

February 2010

Complete except for windows














This is the picture being used for the model.  It is the Church of the Reflections at Knott's Berry Farm.

Cleared the snow off to run train with new passenger cars

There are 5 Southern Pacific cars.

April 2010

Building a tunnel over the 90 degree turn

Installing ballast along the track.

May 2010

The Downey station along the track

Exiting the tunnel under the hilltop chapel

Construction of the expansion of the layout.  Future trestle location.

Further expansion of the track base along the new east side berm.

August 2010

Trestle and bridge over Dry Creek

Another 150 feet of track down.  Flat area is for future village.

October 2010

Expanding the roadbase onto the final berm

Area for future stream and bridge

Roadbed ready for final end loop

November 2010

Final loop completed.  Landscaping, tunnel, bridge, and turn-outs will have to wait for spring.

Last run for the year.  A major snow storm came the day after this photo.